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 叶青青老师/Dr. Ye,Qingqing:

      青年钢琴家叶青青博士2004年留学美国, 在著名的芝加哥西北大学音乐院获得钢琴表演硕士学位及亚利桑那州立大学钢琴博士学位。

  • 在俄亥俄州获得2005 Lima青年艺术家钢琴比赛第一名, 

  • 在印第安兰州获得2006 Masterworks国际音乐节协奏曲比赛第一名等多项荣誉。

  •  2013年受邀至中国银川西北民族大学和兰州歌剧院举办独奏音乐会及大师班。 

  • 2013受邀担任亚利桑那州斯科茨代尔爱乐乐团(Scottsdale Philharmonic)驻团艺术家(Artist-in-Residence), 演奏了柴可夫斯基、 格里格、 贝多芬、 圣桑等著名钢琴协奏曲。 

  • 将在2018-2019乐季与该团合作李斯特和门德尔松钢琴协奏曲。


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Pianist Qingqing Ye has received a master’s degree in piano performance from the prestigious Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University, Chicago and a Doctoral Degree in piano performance from Arizona State University.  

  • 1st prize at the 2005 Lima Young Artists Piano Competition, OH, USA

  • 1st prize of the Concerto Competition at Masterworks International Music Festival, Winona Lake IN, USA

  • Have performed solo concerts and taught master classes in Beifang (North) University of Nationalities and Lanzhou Opera House since 2013

  • An artist-in-Residence for the Scottsdale Philharmonic Orchestra in Arizona and a member of the orchestra’s advisory board since 2013; Have performed renowned piano concertos by Greig, Tchaikovsky, and many more.

  • One of the master adjudicators for Arizona Study Program since 2015.

  • An adjunct professor of piano at South Mountain Community College, Phoenix since 2018.


        Dr. Ye is teaching one on one private lesson for piano students in any levels from age 5 and above. Please contact (419)320-7882 for more information regarding current openings and rates.

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