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Brief Introduction of He-li Educational Group and He-li Zhang


         Ms. He-li Zhang graduated from a normal university in China, and participated in Chinese language education for several years. She is the founder of “He-li Education”. She also created “The Speed Reading Method for Children”, and helped children learn 1000 to 3000 characters in 100 days using the method she created. “The He-li Speed reading Method” has been a great achievement in mainland China.

        He-li Educational Group, established by Ms. He-li Zhang, has more than 100 kindergarten as well as some elementary schools, middle schools, and normal colleges. “He-li Kindergarten”, “He-li Elementary school”, and “He-li Middle school” are well known private school brand in China. 

        In the past few years, He-li Group hosted experiment classes in New York and Arizona, to promote their teaching methods, which was a great achievement. From June to August, the year of 2017, the very first “He-li International Chinese Summer Camp” was held in Zhengzhou, China. More than 40 students from the US, Canada, and European countries participated in the summer camp. She has been opening online classes since March 2018.  Ms. He-li Zhang has a lot of experience teaching Chinese to students overseas.

        He-li Educational Group hosts multi-cultural experiment class, using new educational ideology. In addition, it enhances studies of traditional Chinese culture, while training students with global vision. The classes have attracted experts’ attention from academic fields.

        The educational achievement of He-li Educational Group was reported by several news media such as China Youth Daily, Macao Daily, and US China Press. Ms. He-li Zhang is also extremely enthusiastic about charity.  She adopted more than 30 orphans, and provided funds for living and education. Ms. Zhang also facilitates cultural awareness activities, provides free training for teachers, and promotes her teaching method.  


He-li Educational Group Website:


Ms. Heli Zhang has being opened online Chinese classes since March 2018. More information  about online Chinese  class please contact at 480-696-0190 or  Email to :


About   Early Childhood Accelerated Reading Method


        He-li Zhang single-handedly founded the “Early Childhood Accelerated Reading Method”, which enables 3-6 year-olds to read and recognize 1000-3000 characters in only 100 days, breaking the reading barrier in a short time. The “Heli Accelerated Reading Method” has achieved great success on the Chinese mainland.

        Ms. Zhang has established experimental classrooms for students aged 5-16 in the US in New York and Phoenix, Arizona; and New South Wales, Australia -- all met with excellent results. The results of the Heli Education Group have been widely reported in the “China Youth Daily”, the “Macao Daily News”, the “US China Press”, the “Australia Chinese Times”, the “” and more media both in China and overseas.

        Breaking the reading barrier has long been a struggle in our children’s Chinese education amongst Chinese overseas communities, and a much-discussed hot topic in overseas Chinese schools. Ms. Zhang Heli gives her personal guarantee that all participants in the 2018 Summer Camp will complete it with a character-recognition of at least 800-1000, breaking the reading barrier in a short period.

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