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 Eastern Art Academy

Eastern Art Academy was founded in 2010.  It is the biggest private Chinese language and arts school in Arizona. Our goal is to offer instruction in Chinese culture and simplified Chinese.


          We offer the following courses:

  • Grade K-12  Chinese prep

  • AP Chinese prep

  • Chinese for adults


  Chandler :   3029 N. Alma School Rd., Suite  225, Chandler,  AZ. 85224

  Scottsdale : 14891 N. Northsight Blvd., Suite 129, Scottsdale, AZ. 85260

  Phone:          (480)696-0190     



        Chinese Wonderland  Level 1~6 with the topics based on ACTFL 5C3M for children whose first language is not Chinese. These teaching designs completely cultivate children's language skills. Level 1 includes 7 units with 21 lessons building basic language inputs such as self introduction, school terms, concepts of time, activity skills, numbers and amounts, descriptions of daily activities, and thoughts and emotions.

        Chinese Wonderland is exclusively designed for young students learning Chinese as a foreign language. A complete set of the Chinese Wonderland consists of the textbook, workbook, and teacher's manual. The integration of the Backward Design is comprehensively applied to  Chinese Wonderland so it helps students demonstrate their understanding and skills required on the assessment and parents can clearly see their child's progress. Each situation-based topic within the different educational materials can strengthen children’s motivation to learn. Features of Chinese Wonderland include the Chinese Wonderland six-volume text designed for young students learning Chinese in a Foreign Language class. The concept and content both comply with the standard of ACTFL and the World Language Content Standard for California Public Schools. 

        Chinese Wonderland Volume 1 consists of seven units including twenty-one lessons. The units include: dialogue, sentence structure, classroom terms, reading, and culture. 

        Dialogue - Everyday conversations with clear communicative functions and presented in conversational tone. 

        Sentence Structure - Spiraled and recycled sentence structures fitting with situations and listed for helping students to expend and connect. Classroom Register - Most commonly used phrases in a Chinese classroom setting. 

        Reading - Pieces of writing based on vocabulary and sentence structures used in the dialogues and expanded upon in every unit. 

        Culture Note - Themes related to cultural products or cultural practices from the angle of young learner's interests. 


        Expanded Third Edition! This acclaimed, best-selling series integrates all four language skills-- listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Day-to-day living topics focus on practical competencies such as seeing the doctor, making an appointment, shopping, etc. Authentic documents (newspaper clippings, signs, tickets), as well as notes on grammar, language use, and Chinese culture that provide students with real-world references. Integrated Chinese also includes four useful appendices: proper nouns and measure words, an English-Chinese vocabulary glossary, a Chinese character index, and example sentences in simplified form. Textbook Level 1 is designed to cover a year of study in a rigorous college program, but can be adapted for other programs working at a slower pace. Ideal for high school, college, and adult learners with no prior knowledge of Chinese. What's New in the 3rd Edition? 20 lessons in Level 1, for easier academic planning; Level 2 split into two volumes, one per semester; student-centered learning objectives at the start of each lesson; progress checklists at the end; "Let's Take a Break" sections after every five lessons for review and reinforcement; more task-based, communicative language applications; current, relevant vocabulary; revised grammar notes; exciting new story lines linking all the dialogues and readings; and enhanced focus on cultural coverage and comparison; all-new, user-friendly full-color designs; new photos, illustrations, and authentic materials in each lesson; and the choice between simplified or traditional characters in the 2nd or 3rd version. 

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