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  • Eastern Art Academy is the most professional and long-established school for Chinese culture in Chandler, Arizona.

  • The school teaches Chinese folk dance and Chinese classical dance guided by professional teachers.

  • Provides performance and communication opportunities.

  • The students have won various international awards and have performed many times on international stages.

Schedule & tuition:

  • Dance Pre-K:3-5 Years old;Sunday 10:00-11:00AM;$65/Month

  • Dance  1:5-7 Years old;Sunday 11:00-12:30PM;$75/Month

  • Dance  2 :5-7 Years old;Saturday 4:00-5:30PM;$75/Month

  • Dance  3:7-10  Years old;Sunday 4:00-6:00PM;$85/Month

  • Dance  4:11-13 Years old;Saturday 3:00:00-6:00PM;$100/Month

  • Dance  5:13 UP;Sunday 1:00-4:00PM;$100/Month

  • Dance Advance 1:Wed.6:00-7:30PM;$85/Month

  • Dance Advance 2:Wed.4:30-6:00PM; $85/Month

  • Dance Advance 3:Thursday 5:30-7:30PM; $100/Month

  • The camp for spring & fall & summer break will notice . 


 Address: 3029 N. Alma School Rd. Suite #225  Chandler, AZ. 85224

 More info:(480)696-0190

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